Physical Education

  • The fitness stations are a chance for the participants to meet and interact with some of the top female Olympians in Canada
  • At each station the Olympian will explain why the movements and activities are important for their well-being and long-term health
  • Many of the activates do not require equipment so the attendees can continue to do the movements at home
  • We explain the cognitive benefits and mood regulation of fitness

Nutrition Education

  • We feel passionately about teaching the Her Mark attendees about proper nutrition as it is an area that is often overlooked in our educational system
  • Proper nutrition especially for young women has so many benefits; for example, menstrual cycles means different nutritional needs
  • Her Mark summit participants are sent home with a healthy recipe book

Mental Health

  • Mental health issues continue to be one of the greatest challenges teenage girls currently face
  • The participants are divided into break out groups which provide a safe space for attendees to have their feelings and thoughts normalized and validated
  • This activity promotes the self-confidence, self-esteem, and empathy of participants
  • In the groups the participants come up with questions for our special guests
  • Athletes and celebrities speak very candidly to the participants about eating disorders, body image issues, on-line criticism, depression and anxiety